By Jeanette Gandionco Lazam

At Women and Children's Family Services (WAC) in San Francisco, we, meaning administration, have been "bullish" on making sure that young women who work at WAC, be they in the clerical pool, administration or elsewhere in the agency, get a shot or chance at increasing their skill level and knowledge as it relates to hardware and software technology. I also think we are beginning to think about sending our one young, very interested tech person to a network training class so she has a better sense of what does networking mean, what's out there, and how to diagnose a problem in the network. Right now, we have already developed a fairly good and steady language, making it much easier to converse on ideas and problems we face at work. That's why I suggest that we start looking at some of the "techy" words and begin to maintain an active dictionary so that we begin to develop a common computer tech language. I know for any new idea, theory, etc, it is difficult to understand the sum of its parts, as well as the whole picture if there is not a common language that people share. Having already tested that theory out between myself and Ellen (the young techy woman at WAC), I rest my case!

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