Picture of KairaHey all you beautiful, intelligent, strong women; I am so empowered by reading everyone's comments 'cuz I feel that our world will change if all of us are dedicated to passing on empowering messages to younger generations! I would like to also see women doing instead of posing. I'd like to see movies & shows that portray young women dealing with real life issues, like sexism, insecurity, family issues and showing real solutions not fast fixes cuz nothing is really a fast solution.   Kaira

Picture of Maureen

A positive media image would be a woman or girl actualizing some potential that she has. Showing her as strong, or successful, athletic, smart, able to take care of herself.   Maureen

Maureen, I love your definition of what would make a media image positive... it's right to the point - potential. I also think media should strive to include girls and women of all sizes, ethnicities, and physical capabilities. . .I think images we see everyday should represent the diversity we experience in our lives.   Rebecca

Picture of BrittIn reading the current issue of Ms., I noticed an illustration that depicts a woman who is Black or of African descent and definitely full-figured. I mean, the article adjacent to the illustration refers to women generally, no specific group, so any image could have been used. I found it refreshing to see "woman" represented as a woman of color, with a body that defies the supermodel archetype. I would love to see a greater range of female images--and not just in so-called "alternative media."   Britt

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It is so rare that I find media images that reflect back to my own characteristics, that I can not even imagine what it would feel like to be validated in this way on any regular basis.   Noa

No images of women to sell things. Period. End of sentence.   Evelyn

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