Picture of KairaI remember doing a report on Tupac Shakur and his development as a person and artist through his music & this girl in class said that he flashed his money around, so what about that. And I got upset but calmly explained that when people go from having nothing or close to nothing and then have money. . . of course it's gonna get to their heads at first, but he did realize that himself and then began talking about those realizations and other issues, apologizing to women was one of them. . . the point is that we have to keep in mind how real the money issue is. . . and how media, mainstream culture uses our lack of money to make us even poorer!   Kaira

Hi my name is Danielle Brewer, I am 15 years old. I am currently attending Berkeley High School. I feel media images are sending a very negative message to the females of my generation. They're sending subliminal messages to give up your hopes and/or dreams and to change your self-image because this is what you're supposed to look like, this is what's normal and if you don't look like this you are not pretty. You're supposed to walk and talk like this or grow up and be like her and if you don't you're not going to be accepted. The media puts forth discouraging images that limit the goals we women set for our selves.   Danielle

picture of BrittSan Francisco recently pulled breast cancer awareness ads that feature models who are missing one or both breasts due to breast cancer. The purpose of the ads was to provoke, and to remind people of the devastating effect breast cancer has on women's health and lives. Officials said they were afraid that the ads would frighten children. . . Of course, no one says a thing when a full-blown ad featuring a half-naked model takes up two stories of ad space on a busy city block.   Britt

Looking at some of the "hip-hop" generation magazines, I see so much revolving around money and status. Although many of these magazines make their money by targeting younger, and often urban, ethnic populations, who tend to be hit hardest by the "digital divide," there are ads for diamond Rolexes and designer clothes that are outrageously expensive. This is alarming because it places a priority on these material things that are often unobtainable, even for those making a high salary. It takes emphasis off people spending money on things like computers or other educational tools that are so important. No wonder women want to "marry a millionaire" that they don't even know, just to get ahead.   Rana

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