Technology access is THE equity issue of the twenty-first century. In an information age defined by digital technology, who has the education, income, training and access will determine who gets to participate, who makes the rules, and who decides which applications and uses of technology are relevant. Those groups already at risk of being left out – women and girls, the elderly, the poor, communities of color, and the monolingual – risk falling even further behind unless they're given the same tools, at the same time, and in the same place to participate. That's why companies like Pacific Bell and SBC support the Women and Girls' Tech Up Project. It's more than just computers and software; it's about shaping public policy. Technology offers powerful tools to amplify diverse voices so they get heard.
      — Adrienne Pon, Director, External Affairs, Pacific Bell

Pacific Bell is the California subsidiary of SBC Communications, Inc. For more than a century, Pacific Bell has been a committed and vital contributor to communities in California and a leading innovator in technology and development. Pacific has worked closely with organizations and leaders to ensure that all communities have access to resources, tools and information that allow them to participate fully in the democratic process. In addition to millions of dollars in support of nonprofit organizations, Pacific has provided technical assistance, loaned its resources and facilities to community groups, and invested in the development of grassroots leadership.

SBC Communications Inc. ( is a global communications leader. Through its subsidiaries' trusted brands - Southwestern Bell, Ameritech, Pacific Bell, SBC Telecom, Nevada Bell, SNET and Cellular One - and world-class network, SBC's subsidiaries provide local and long-distance phone service, wireless and data communications, paging, high-speed Internet access and messaging, cable and satellite television, security services and telecommunications equipment, as well as directory advertising and publishing. In the United States, the company currently has 90.4 million voice grade equivalent lines, 11.2 million wireless customers and is undertaking a national expansion program that will bring SBC service to an additional 30 markets. Internationally, SBC has telecommunications investments in 23 countries. With more than 204,000 employees, SBC is the 13th largest employer in the U.S., with annual revenues that rank it among the largest Fortune 500 companies.

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