The Electronic Frontier Foundation was established in 1990 to help civilize the electronic frontier; to make it truly useful and beneficial not just to a technical elite, but to everyone; and to do this in a way which is in keeping with our society's highest traditions of the free and open flow of information and communication.

To that end, the Electronic Frontier Foundation will:

- engage in and support educational activities which increase popular understanding of the opportunities and challenges posed by developments in computing and telecommunications;

- develop among policy-makers a better understanding of the issues underlying free and open telecommunications, and support the creation of legal and structural approaches which will ease the assimilation of these new technologies by society;

- raise public awareness about civil liberties issues arising from the rapid advancement in the area of new computer-based communications media;

- support litigation in the public interest to preserve, protect, and extend First Amendment rights within the realm of computing and telecommunications technology;

- encourage and support the development of new tools which will endow non-technical users with full and easy access to computer-based telecommunications.

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