By Kaira Espinoza

Another sleepless night
thinkin about my life
about how to stay focused and alive in the '99
thinkin back in time
when peoples of color were tricked, hung, enslaved, cheated, raped and tied down
frustrated as i keep realizing oppression is still around
only it's high technology now
keyboards and electric chairs replace segregation & concentration camps
people of color built this land
breaking their backs as grapes they pick with their hands
and we continue to survive,
to keep faith in our lives,
to expose all your lies,
to make our children rise,
as i grow, observe, & analyze,
as i organize, protest, & fight for the peoples, & therefore, my rights - I see this new age slavery U S of A wants to keep alive
so we gotta keep open our third eye
cuz the government won't ever supply
the creativity to keep our souls alive,
so we gotta be involved in order to revive our minds, bodies, & communities
being invaded with propaganda, drugs, and negativity
only we can pull ourselves out the internalized oppression
marching together towards a spiritual evolution
cuz divided we fall, and united we stand!
our rebel ancestors laid the foundation
and we must continue in the dedication
to create a world where our children become the presidents
of a true equal & just nation!

© 2000 by Individual Author
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