What is Life????
By Kristene Burns-Saraiva and Joseph B.

What is Life????
Life is or isn't about what you want
It's about what you have.
It's about loving something or someone
more than the other person knows
or will ever know.
It's being GREAT friends before

My life is always being stopped on the
way to my dreams.
Falling for people, for whatever the
reasons don't want me.
Being singled out for something I can't
Not getting what I think I deserve;
an example: HAPPINESS.

Always being in a sense "ALONE."
Never knowing when I get to be
"someone else" for a day.
The person that falls in love with
someone who feels the same way back,
person that succeeds despite what
others tell me.

However, that's not my life.
My life is very lonely.
No one knows what I feel nor
will they ever.
No one can replace the pain that
I go through daily.

My life is dying a little bit each day.
My heart breaking everyday
by unintentional things.
I guess that's my life.
No more and no less.

*       *       *

Its about letting my other half of
my life out to others.
Hard to explain,
you need to record my feelings.
Need to get off drugs by myself
so I can make myself
Knowing that I always had
everything under control.
Not just grades.
Not having to go to a doctor to
tell me what I should do for an hour
each day for five years or so,
so it sticks in my thick head! HaHa!!
Thick head like I know these people
can help ya within a few days.
As long as you pay attention
to them and you believe that they
can help you.

Like I think that I wouldn't like them
asking me all different kinds of
questions about how do you feel
about this or doing observations on me.
Or like trying to find out when you get
urged to take it.
They might try to put an ecstasy
pill in front of me and be like
" Do you want to just put that in your

The only real reason so far is
to do ecstasy with Wade.
We're on a level that no one else
is on.
Its not just on the drug, it's when
we are normal too.
Its the soul brother connection.

*       *       *

So life is a combination of things
that make us who we are
whether we like it or not.
It's about loving and losing everything,
yet nothing at all.
It's about having someone like
you that I would give the world to
and die for.

It's having the connection we have
with each other and with others.
It's the way we relate to our
friends and the way you
feel when you're with Wade
and I'm with Joelle.
Maybe that's just life.
Or maybe no one really
knows what life is.
Maybe that's just how life
should be, and that's part of
being human.

© 2000 by Individual Authors
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