Haiku Poetry
By Maureen Fitzgerald

Last year around this time a friend gave me a blank book with about 50 pages in it. I have always been intimidated by having a whole blank book to fill. Then in January I wrote a haiku poem and put it in the book. It was not hard to do. Then I decided to write 4 haiku poems a month and put them in the book. At the end of the year I would have 48 poems and since I would be 48 in December this seemed like a good coincidence. Now it is almost my birthday and I am almost finished.

Here are some of the poems.

When the river sounds
Recall a bubbling fish tank,
Life is too indoor.

                                Ice cream truck song chimes
                                The white truck offers first aid
                                To the heat injured.
                                              New York

Under down blankets
I enjoy the August night
Air, not conditioned.

                Pouring water on
                The wilted geranium
                Satisfies us both.

                                        Still dark, October
                                        The puppy's whine ends my sleep
                                        Morning comes slowly.

Hard rain last night
Opening the door I breathe
Scent of garden mint.

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