By Danielle Brewer

Tupac, Biggie and a boy only 16
shot in the back the head the neck
over paper dyed green
who shot that baby?
what you mean a mistake
now do you see how easy a life is to take?
not in the eye he shot her a little bit above
shot by a black man wanna be a thug
who shot that ball player he was a straight A college student it seems
wrong place wrong time see how much grief it brings
but who shot him? A boy only 14 years old
is headed for a cell dark, empty and cold
cause you from the north and i'm from the west
how can shooting determine who's the best
did you notice every time you shoot you fail
see who can kill the most winner goes to jail
and why?
because he stepped on your foot gave you a hard mugged look
called your sister a b***h
saw you shot his friends and snitched
he was there when my brother got shot
he didn't shoot him, but was standing on the spot
so why kill him to see him bleed or hear him yell or to make sure your soul goes straight to hell
if you kill him then his brother shoots you
who accidentally hit a mother 9 months due
the baby's father shoots your mother your brother shoots back
now the world is bloody
bodies piled up in stacks
to die face down in a alley no way for our african kings lives to end
nor to be shot in the back or set up by a friend
now the world is black
a dark cloud hung low
dark like the smoke from the last fatal blow
it ends the world the last body falls
as the gun on the side gleams

© 2000 by Individual Authors
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